Bathroom Renovations

Being one of the most popular rooms in the house (and the cause of regular fights?!) it’s no wonder your bathroom starts to show signs of wear and tear within a few years.

We pride ourselves on being able to do bathroom renovations Melbourne that strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

A bathroom renovation by Master Renovators in Melbourne eastern suburbs will give you the modern edge that you crave. Whether you want to update plumbing and fixtures that haven’t been touched since the 1960’s or you want a new look that reflects the personality of the rest of your home, a brand new bathroom design with us is the perfect solution.


We will help you by designing a bathroom renovation which embodies the style you want to achieve – luxurious, child friendly or even space enhancing


Our team of builders and tradesmen possess the experience and skills necessary to bring your dream bathroom to life. The drainage and waterproofing of your bathroom will be addressed to ensure your space is properly protected against the threat of mold and mildew growth which is associated with leaks


Master Renovators will help you to carefully select each of the elements used to ensure that it meets your individual needs and provides long-term durability.


We guarantee that your renovation will be carried out with the utmost in professionalism and with the highest quality workmanship in the industry.

On time & budget

At Master Renovators, we are committed to completing your bathroom project within the time frame and budget agreed because we want to ensure the most stress-free experience possible