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There are a number of reasons why you might be interested in home renovations – perhaps there are problems with your home the way it is, perhaps your family is expanding or perhaps you want to modernize. Unfortunately, the need for a renovation often occurs when you cannot afford one – but there are ways you can save money without sacrificing on quality.

  • Create a flexible timetable for the renovation work. Trying to get the work completed by a certain date can often mean that you are fighting other homeowners to get a contractor. This also limits your ability to negotiate on the cost of the project.
  • Obtain written quotes from multiple contractors. This will allow you to compare the prices charged by each contractor and to compare the work that they will undertake. You should choose the one who is going to do the most work for the least money.
  • Determine which aspects you can do by yourself. There are aspects of every home renovation project that you should be able to undertake by yourself. If you don’t have experience with construction, settle for things like painting or staining floorboards.
  • Purchase your own supplies for the renovation. Remember to only do this if your chosen contractor allows it. Doing so, however, will allow you to control the cost of your materials and to source them from suppliers who are willing to giving you a good deal.
  • Search for the best financing options available. Sometimes you may need to take out a loan for the renovation; if you do, it is important that you have researched financing and found the best kind of loan for your needs (and one that you can pay back).

It is also important to budget for unexpected costs that may arise during your home renovation project, as these can often prove to be quite expensive and will catch you by surprise. Even if no problems arise and you have money left over, at least you can rest assured that you were prepared for any problems that may have arisen over the course of the work.

There can be no denying that bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most important rooms of the home. In fact, the sale of our properties is often sped up or even halted by the appearance and condition of these rooms. The question that many people face when thinking about doing some home improvements is whether they should match their kitchen and bathroom renovations.

This room could feature a number of different floor plans, depending on the shape of your space, such as L-shaped, U-shaped and even galley. They are often in need of a large amount of storage, as crockery and food must be stored, and bench space, as meals must be prepared.

This room, on the other hand, is often much more limited in terms of its layout because of the lack of space. As this space is much smaller and involves personal activities, like bathing, it will very rarely be required to entertain more than one occupant at a time.

Even though these rooms serve very different functions, you might like to match their renovations so that there is a smooth flow throughout your home, from one room to the next. You wouldn't pair a rustic or Southern themed kitchen with a bathroom that looks modern or beachy, would you? It is important that there is a sense of continuity throughout the entire building.

One way to achieve this is to choose either furniture style fittings and fixtures or to choose a built-in style. In the former, all of the cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen will function similarly to furniture, in that it looks as if it can be picked up and moved around. In the latter, all of the cabinets will function as if they were always there, meaning that they cannot be moved at all.

When answering the question 'should you match your kitchen and bathroom renovations' it is important to assess what you would like to do. If you want your whole home to match, from floor to ceiling and front door to back door, then this is certainly something you should do. If you want some sort of continuity but don’t mind a few little differences, then perhaps not.

Using double sinks in family bathrooms or ensuites can be a great way to reduce traffic when washing before work or school and in the evening. Double sink bathrooms in Balwyn and Kew give a couple of people enough room to prepare for the day and put an end to petty squabbles in the rush to get ready in the morning.

Double sinks will usually be double the price of standard pedestals or vanities so you need to consider your budget when judging double sink bathroom designs Balwyn. A double sink will also take up more room, but can be fitted seamlessly into otherwise awkward, narrow spaces. There are many different double sink styles to choose from, which distinctly avoid the grimy public toilets look.

Double sinks also fit into many bathroom designs Kew, but some effort must be made to tone down the extravagance of two sets of taps. One option is to use a long trough-like sink with well spaced faucets. There are many elegant options that melt unobtrusively into any décor. Providing plenty of storage around your sinks is another important consideration. With two sinks you can assume you will have double the toothbrushes, soaps, hairspray cans and perfumes. All of these items need to be stored close at hand to keep your room looking neat.

For en-suite designs in Balwyn and Kew, double sinks can be handily complemented by a double shower, making it much easier to save time in the morning. These rooms should have a warm, inviting feel to avoid the look of a locker-room shower.

A hot bath in a beautiful room, complete with scented soaps and fluffy towels, is one of the most luxurious experiences you can have in your own home. If you are renovating your bathrooms Glen Iris, then you might want to give some extra attention to the bathtub you install; it could make all the difference from luxurious comfort and a quick and hasty wash.

Bath tubs come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes these days and free standing tubs are becoming increasingly popular. Many modern tubs for bathrooms Camberwell feature a clean and streamlined aesthetic, enhancing the feeling of floating in thin air while bathing. Because these baths are free standing and not nestled into a wall, they require a little more space in the bathroom. If you have the space, it would definitely be worth giving up a portion of it to introduce some bathing decadence.

Free standing tubs can work in just about all bathrooms styles in Glen Iris and Camberwell, introducing a touch of elegance to even the most understated bathroom design. You could, for instance, put a lovely claw foot bath on rough hewn stone tiles with minimal accessories for a room that is warm and inviting with a natural feel.

Free standing tubs also offer a deeper and more comfortable soak in the bathroom. With a high end tub you won't find yourself scrunched up into an uncomfortable position while bathing. For your Camberwell or Glen Iris bathroom, you could choose a claw foot bath, or a solidly constructed tub that minimises cleaning needed.

Perhaps the most traditional look for bathrooms in Balwyn and Kew consists of completely whitewashed tiles, fixtures and walls, but introducing colour into this room is becoming increasing popular. When planning a new addition there is no need to feel limited by what is traditionally expected. Instead you should design according to your tastes and the demands of your architecture.

When choosing between neutrals and colours for bathroom renovations Balwyn, it is best to be guided by your own personal preferences. If you don't find white walls and pale tiles inspiring, then a splash of colour might be just your thing. You might even want to forego the traditional pale, cool tones for striking black, dark grey or navy walls, which make your space seem more mature and sophisticated.

Going with the conventional choice sometimes pays off, however, as colour trends come and go, and the bright colours that seem fantastic right now might be tiresome in a few years. Choosing a classic and timeless style for your Balwyn or Kew house is a good idea if you want to live with your changes for years to come.

This doesn't mean you should avoid creating a strong impression, however. Choose a colour scheme carefully for all bathroom renovations Kew, with just two or three colours that contrast or complement each other. You should also consider the mood you want to create in your new room, as well as the size of the space you have available. If you can only use a small space for your bathroom renovation, it would be wise to use a light colour such as a buttery yellow to give an illusion of space.

There can be no denying that bathrooms in Malvern are some of the most important rooms in the whole house. This is where you will preen yourself for that all important date, where you will practice your upcoming speech, and where your kids relax before bedtime. If your space could do with a bit of a facelift, you should contact Master Renovators for renovations and bathroom designs in Malvern.

Regardless of whether you are looking to do up your family bathroom in Malvern or your ensuite, Master Renovations are equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to ensure that your renovation is a success. We understand that luxury is something that people from all walks of life want from their bathroom renovation in Malvern, and we strive to achieve this in any way possible.

If you have a particular idea or theme in mind, Master Renovators can also help you to bring your bathroom design in Malvern to life. Whether you are aiming for a more modern theme with top of the line fixtures or a more traditional look with antique elements, we have the skills and know-how necessary to make these dreams a reality.

Don’t put up with an unsuitable bathroom in Malvern any longer – contact the helpful team at Master Renovators today and find out how we can help you achieve the most attractive design and the best bathroom renovations in Malvern. We guarantee to undertake all works in your home with minimal fuss, ensuring that your space is finished as soon as possible.

When it comes to completing renovations, one of the most important decisions that any homeowner needs to make is surrounding the colour palette that they will use across the project. If you are thinking about doing up a kitchen in Melbourne, then now is the best time to start thinking about the colours that you would like to use.

  • If you have opted for a tiled floor or splash back, look at the colours that have been used in the ceramic or natural stone. If there is more than one, choose one of the subtle shades and make it your feature.
  • Examine the colour of the cabinets you have chosen. If you have selected ones that are darker in colour, you will find that deeper and bolder shades tend to complement them best.
  • Keep in mind how your choice of lighting will impact on the colours of your kitchen in Melbourne. Bright colours tend to look brighter with strong lighting, so pale hues may work best.
  • Use the intended mood of your kitchen to decide on the most appropriate colour scheme. For a vibrant space, use bold colours, like red and green, to accent certain features.

If you have your heart set on certain colours for your kitchen, remember that you can always paint your cabinets and even your tiles to mirror this. And, if you can, bring along swatches of the colours that you are trying to match when choosing paint for kitchens in Melbourne, as this will ensure that you get as close as possible or that the shades or complementary.

When considering different materials and component suppliers for your renovation, there is a variety of questions you should ask to make sure that you commit to the most reliable and reputable company. By having a prepared list of questions when approaching different distributors, designers and cabinetmakers you can easily avoid the more unprofessional companies that will try to skimp on quality while draining your budget in unnecessary costs. If you are after a unique, custom design, then it is even more important to be picky in your choice of suppliers.

We recommend that you choose kitchens suppliers in Melbourne that are capable of designing, manufacturing and installing the materials that they work with, to ensure the highest level of quality and integrity possible in your newly created space. This method of working is far preferable to ready made models where standard size pieces need to be mangled in order to fit the dimensions of your space. Your supplier should also be able to provide at least a seven year warranty on all components of your new Melbourne kitchen

Of course, the aesthetic quality of the components on offer will greatly sway your choice between different distributors. Your supplier should have a large range of different colours, materials, surfaces and finishes in order to give you the best chance of achieving exactly the look you are after in your newly renovated Melbourne kitchen. Some suppliers specialise in just one material, such as locally mined natural stone, including granite or marble for bench tops, and it is often worth working with a few different specialist suppliers to produce your new space.

Getting the kitchens design that you’ve always dreamed of doesn’t have to be another thing on that increasingly growing to-do list – it’s possible to create a highly functional and attractive kitchens in any space and with any budget. All you need to make it work are some clever ideas and the determination to see the project through to the end.

Layout is one of the most important features to address during kitchen design and renovations as it directly affects the functionality of the space. Keep in mind the idea of the “work triangle”, which suggests that the refrigerator, sink and oven/stove top are aligned in a triangular shape. It means that you will be able to easily access each of these areas when using the kitchen.

Cabinets are also something that you need to take into account during your kitchen renovations, especially as many remodels are undertaken to increase the amount of storage that you have. Use darker coloured cabinets in larger kitchens, as they won’t be overwhelmed by the rich colours, and use light colours in smaller kitchens, as this can help to open up the space and make it feel less cluttered.

Countertops are the final feature that you need to take into account during a kitchen renovation, as the choice you make will need to be affordable whilst being highly durable. Many people opt for tile, as it is much cheaper than a single slab of stone (such as granite or marble), but the latter is definitely the more attractive option.

Once you have looked into the above features, your kitchen renovation will be ready to get underway. You can also use whatever is left in your budget to look at things like flooring materials and paint, as you can easily complete a renovation using the existing decor and colour scheme.

Getting an interior space design for your home exactly right isn't easy, and there are many common traps that you can fall into when creating your dream space. We have collected a list of the most common mistakes we have seen in our experience as renovators, to help you avoid the same disasters.

  • Choosing Cheap Products
    Many people see cutting costs on expensive fittings and materials as the easiest way to economise during a Melbourne bathroom renovation, but following this path often leads to unsatisfactory results and mishaps such as water damage down the road.
  • Placing Jacuzzi Motors Close to the Tub
    Sometimes it is necessary to develop your design ideas past the most obvious choices. This is particularly important when trying to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, rather than simply the most practical and easy to install.
  • Awkward Toilet Placements
    No-one wants to have to stumble over a toilet to get to the shower or sink every time they open the door to this private space. Choosing the right placement for the toilet requires delicate and careful consideration to reach the most unobtrusive and comfortable space plan in your Melbourne bathroom.
  • Only Open Storage
    While open storage is a great interior decorating choice for many rooms in the home, it is generally considered as something to avoid in such a private space, unless of course your toiletry collections consists only of high end perfume in pretty bottles. When planning your storage options for your Melbourne bathroom make sure that there is at least one closed cabinet for holding medicine and unsightly products.

If you are building a new bathroom in your Mt Eliza or Mornington house, this is your chance to create a fully personal and indulgent space. Most people begin and end their day in with daily rituals that both energise and relax us. When planning your bathroom renovations Mt Eliza, you should consider how you want to feel while performing these daily rituals. Do you want to feel calm and at ease? Maybe a designer bathtub engineered to cradle and soothes a human body and finished to perfection, is the solution for you!

A well designed bathtub can transform your bathroom renovations Mornington from the building of a purely practical space to the creation of a nourishing and comforting room. Complemented with soft lighting and beautiful tiling, your designer bathtub could become a haven you look forward to returning to each day.

Claw foot bathtubs are always a popular choice, featuring a traditional and decadent design. There are also many modern bathtub designs available that will suit the style of contemporary houses and which focus on saving water while providing a supremely comfortable bathing experience.

If you don't have the space for a huge designer bathtub in your Mt Eliza or Mornington house, then a happy substitute can be found in a large walk in shower. You can make your shower more luxurious with new digitally controlled shower heads that allow you to precisely control the temperature and pressure of the water. A spacious shower finished with sleek tiles and a glass screen will transform your bathroom renovation from dull to polished and radiant

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house, but sadly it is also one of the most neglected. They are inherently private spaces and they also form the hub of comfort and luxury in any house. Think of all the time you or your family spend soaking in long, hot baths, getting ready for parties and dashing in for a hot shower to help you wake up in the morning. Wouldn't it all be so much more enjoyable in a beautifully finished, modern space, designed to your tastes?

A bathroom renovation could transform your space from a dingy unworkable room to a luxurious haven that works just as you need it to. Often we inherit the bathrooms of other people who may have had different needs and smaller families. Additionally, the plumbing, insulation and ventilation in beautiful old houses simply doesn't work as efficiently as modern construction techniques, making rebuilding and renovating a necessity when investing in period architecture. You can update your old space with abathroom renovation that takes advantage of all the modern technology, to make your space as comfortable as possible.

Instead of a simple renovation, you may even consider adding a new en-suite to the master bedroom in your house. En-suite renovations allow you to design your space just as you want it, whether your preferences are for a classic style with decorative tiles or sleek modern finishes.

Bathroom renovations also increase the value of your house significantly. An architectural rebuild will make living in your own home a pleasure and it will also make selling your house much more rewarding when the time comes.

Black and white bathrooms will never go out of style in Melbourne. They are crisp, attractive and best of all, super clean looking. Stark, neutral spaces can, however look a bit austere and clinical if put together in the wrong way. To get the look exactly right, try following these handy hints.

  • Try Fancy Lighting
    To put a fun new spin on a traditional look, why not consider using some extraordinary lighting choices in your home? An ornate French chandelier painted a chalky white, or a cluster of clear light bulbs hanging on thick black cords will provide an exciting and interesting touch to your space.
  • Glass Fronted Cabinets
    If you opt for a design with a heavy use of black, you might find that your space seems to be shrinking in size. To help re-expand the room, try using glass fronted cabinets or open shelving.
  • Build Contrast
    The secret to creating a really impressive black and white bathroom in Melbournehome is to manipulate the two shades to build an almost startling contrast. For example, you could consider using a sparkling black granite counter top on a pristine white vanity for a modern touch.
  • Black Tiles for the Shower
    While most showers are surrounded on at least two sides by transparent glass that can make the bather feel exposed, some new shower stalls are being designed to encourage a comforting cocooned feeling, with the use of dark toned wall tiles. These tiles not only look great in a Melbourne bathroom, they are also much easier to keep clean than the conventional glass door.

Contemporary bathrooms in Mt Eliza and Mornington are getting bigger and bigger. With huge bathtubs, multiple sinks, and extensive light fittings, some bathrooms are looking more like living rooms than utility rooms. This can be great if you have the space to spare, as there's nothing more luxurious than a long, hot soak in beautiful surroundings. But what if you have to fit your room into an actual house? What's the best size for your new space?

Sometimes you don't have much of a choice concerning the size of bathrooms Mt Eliza, having to fit everything you need into a small or narrow and awkward space. In these cases it is a matter of making the best of what you have, using layout and tiling solutions cleverly to give an illusion of space and to give you more room to move about while bathing.

One of the key considerations in determining the size of your new space is deciding how much storage space you need in bathrooms Mornington. Storage is an easy factor to forget when planning a new space, but remembering it makes the difference between a cluttered and dangerous space and a well organised, clean room.

The size you choose will also have an impact on any style decisions for the bathrooms in your Mornington or Mt Eliza house. If you are a fan of exuberant and loud styles, then you should consider building a larger space that can support bold contrasting stripes or bright patterns. If you want a more subtle style for your bathroom, however, you might be happy with a smaller bathroom that promotes a cosier atmosphere.

​Many homeowners choose to remodel their bathroom because they know that this is one of the best ways to add value to their property. The overall amount will depend on a number of factors, including similar houses in the area, the expenses of the renovation, the current market conditions, the available space and the overall condition of the house. So, how much value can a bathroom renovation in Melbourne actually add?

  • Neighbourhood: Did you know that each area is given a dollar value based on some pre-established criteria (square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, garages and lot size)? An area also has a cap (maximum) valuation. So, remodeling a bathroom will only increase the value of the property to this maximum point.
  • Expenses: When it comes to real estate value, the worth of the home is dependent on the dollar spent and the dollar owed. If a home in an area that is selling for $200,000 is currently under a mortgage for $100,000, a bathroom renovation of around $20,000 will see the value increase. You should compare your listing with and without the remodel.
  • Quality: That old adage 'you get what you pay for' is one that certainly rings true with real estate. Shoddy workmanship, over spending and cheap fixtures will not guarantee a maximum return. This is especially true if the rest of the home doesn't match the quality and style of the new bathroom; everything needs to be balanced.
  • Space: At the end of the day, a tiny cupboard-sized bathroom isn't going to increase the value of your home by very much at all. If you can use a renovation to take some unused space from a bordering room, however, you could significantly increase the value. The same can be said by adding an ensuite and half bath.

Really, the best way for a homeowner to guesstimate how much value a bathroom renovation in Melbourne will add to their home is by knowing the current market. A bear market, for example, sees house prices plummeting – a remodel is unlikely to increase the price very much at all. A bull market, on the other hand, sees house prices on the rise – remodeling is likely to increase the price exponentially.

Decorative tiles can be a great way to add some interest to bathrooms in Balwyn and Kew. If you choose the wrong tile, however, you could be faced with a look that you detest, and an expensive tiling job to get rid of it. When choosing decorative tiles for your bathroom, you should favour your own personal taste over any passing trend or style.

Decorative tiles can be used in bathrooms Balwyn to break up a large tiled area, making the room feel less boxy and claustrophobic. Another bonus is that you can use decorative tiles just about anywhere in the space; on floors, walls and even in the shower! This gives you almost limitless opportunity to add some creative flair to your bathroom.

Because these rooms are usually small spaces, it makes sense to choose decorative tiles that are the same colour as your plain tiles, but are a different texture or pattern. This way you can avoid clashing colours and garish designs taking over bathrooms Kew. If your space is tiled entirely in white, you can use bordering white tiles moulded in a rose pattern for a fantastic but subtle effect. Alternatively, you can use tiles decorated with striking line drawings that appeal to the eye.

If you want a really beautiful effect in a period house, then you can't go past antique art nouveau tiles. These tiles are usually quite small and feature organic, flowery designs. They can be used in bathrooms in Balwyn and Kew as bordering tiles or just placed amongst tiles of plainer designs to give a pop of vitality to your bathroom.

Lighting is one of the most important factors in Glen Iris and Camberwell kitchens, but it is also unfortunately often the most ignored. There are so many choices when it comes to lighting kitchens, it can be a little baffling when you have to choose just one or two fittings for your space. Lighting can be sleek and polished, rugged and industrial, or soft and organic.

There's not only the fittings to be chosen in kitchens Glen Iris, but also placement and configuration of lights. You can install lighting in recesses under or above cabinets to make sure there are no lost dark spots in your kitchen. You can also add a decorative drop light to provide stylish ambience. One popular trend at the moment is industrial lighting. These lighting choices reflect the room's practical purpose and also have a stark beauty in their simple construction and masculine sense of style.

To amplify the lighting in kitchens Camberwell you can include mirrors and other reflective surfaces on your walls and appliances. If done well, this can make your kitchen seem bigger and ensure that the space is filled with light. Good lighting can also be complemented by painting pale colours on the walls, such as white, cool green or sunny yellow.

When you are planning your renovation for your Glen Iris or Camberwell home, you should take advantage of the opportunity to hunt out a beautiful contemporary light fitting. There are bulbous pendant lights, decadent perspex chandeliers and gorgeous intricate ceramic light fittings available to install in your new kitchen which suit a contemporary setting perfectly

A frustrating lack of storage space is a major reason behind many kitchen renovations in Canterbury and Mont Albert and building in more efficient and useful storage space is an important aspect in every new space plan. Although storage units are necessarily utilitarian, they can also be treated as an interesting opportunity to inject some style into your unique space.

When formulating your kitchen designs Canterbury you should try to think outside the everyday storage box to find interesting ideas for your storage needs. Instead of covering your walls with closed cabinets which effectively diminish the size of a space and make it harder to find ingredients and utensils when in a hurry, you might want to try open shelving and hanging frequently used pots, pans and utensils in an easy to reach spot.

You can plan your kitchen designs Mont Albert to attractively display both your crockery and your pantry goods. Dry goods, such as flour, sugar and lentils, look fantastic in airtight glass canisters arranged in a row along your counter or on a convenient shelf. Similarly, pretty plates and delicate glassware can be stored safely and attractively in glass door cabinets.

You can let your creativity run wild to find the best storage solutions in your kitchen design for your Canterbury or Mont Albert. With the aid of a professional builder you could create a design that cleverly stores away awkward objects such as jars and tins, keeping them accessible and easy to find while still not taking up shelves and shelves of pantry space. One clever solution you could use is a slimline sliding pantry that can be fitted in next to the fridge or stove.

Did you know that remodelling the flooring in your Melbourne bathroom can have significant health and safety benefits as well as vastly improving the appearance of your space? Old flooring, whether it is floorboards, tiles or linoleum in a bathroom can be hiding harmful mould and slippery, worn down floors and can also be very dangerous when there is splashing water involved. If you are thinking of refinishing or laying new floors in your home, you might want to look at the different options available to you.

  • Laminate
    Laminate flooring for bathrooms in Melbourne is available in various advanced designs which imitate and rival the look and feel of natural materials such as hardwood floors and natural stone pavers. Laminate is an inexpensive material suitable for use in most bathrooms due to its tough durability.

  • Rubber
    Whether you prefer recycled, synthetic or natural, rubber flooring is a great choice for your Melbourne bathroom. Rubber flooring is available in an endless array of exciting and vibrant colours and is a fantastic sustainable option for your Melbourne bathroom renovation.

  • Tile
    Tile is perhaps the most popular choice for wet room floor renovations in Melbourne, with a huge range of water resistant tiling options available. You can choose between styles such as glittering penny tiles, large neutral toned sandstone pavers, glossy finish beige tiles and simple but classic white subway tiles.

  • Found Objects
    A new trend in flooring that has been rapidly gaining a huge following is using objects, such as coins or scraps of glass and tile, to form bright mosaics underfoot. These creative floors are perfectly safe for use in the home when properly sealed and treated

The kitchen appliances you choose for your new Balwyn or Kew kitchen will guide many other decisions and will greatly influence the way you use your new space. From major appliances such as the fridge and oven, to smaller items such as the kettle, toaster and blender, your appliances need to be chosen on the basis of function and personal taste.

Appliances chosen for kitchens Balwyn also need to be chosen on the basis of size and efficiency. The size of your space may limit you to a smaller, single door fridge, or a slim line dishwasher. It is important, however, to choose large or small appliances according to your personal needs. Families will usually require large dishwashers, for example, whereas a single person should only purchase a small dishwasher to avoid washing partial loads and wasting energy and water. Additionally, you may find that it is worth paying more for a highly energy efficient model that will save you money in the long run.

Style can also guide your appliance choices for kitchens Kew. Although style should definitely be considered secondary to the efficient functioning of your appliances, it is also an important consideration as items such as your oven, fridge and dishwasher will take up a significant amount of visual space in your new kitchen. You can choose sleek stainless steel finishes or go for retro pops of enamelled colour.

When purchasing appliances for your new Balwyn or Kew kitchen you might also want to consider the other furnishings and accessories you will want to include in your space. These may include bar stools, counter tops, crockery and lighting. By considering all these choices simultaneously you should achieve a kitchen that looks stylistically whole and functions optimally.

​The kitchen is probably the busiest room in many Malvern and Ashburton houses, with many filled to the brim with all sorts of kitchen accessories. Whether you're a kitchen gadget enthusiastic or a casual cook, it can be very easy to over fill your cupboards, while still forgetting one or two essential items. While you are renovating you should take the chance to edit your stuff and possibly make a few new purchases.

  • Slow Cooker
    Slow cookers make a great cooking solution for cold winter days and force you to be more organised with planning the main meal of the day. If you don't already have a slow cooker in your kitchens Malvern you might consider buying one for the next cold snap.
  • Baking and Cake Decorating
    Many of us harbour dreams of becoming proficient bakers, turning out dainty cupcakes at least weekly. But how often do you actually use all the fiddly icing kits you keep in your kitchens Ashburton or Malvern? To save space, it might be worth editing your baking collection down to the essentials, such as tins, mixing bowls and measuring cups.
  • Vegetable Peelers
    Most kitchens Ashburton already have a few vegetable peelers, as they are undoubtedly essential kitchen tools. Most cheap peelers are designed to be replaceable, however, and blunt and warp quickly, leaving many people with a pile of useless tools. Invest in a sharp and versatile vegetable peeler to improve the efficiency of your cooking.

Choosing a toilet may not be the most glamorous task to complete during your bathroom renovation, but it is nevertheless necessary to creating a brand new space that is comfortable and pleasant to spend time in. Toilets are available in a few different shapes and sizes, as well as different colours and designs, so the choice for your space may not be as simple as you think.

As well as choosing the design of your toilet, you will need to decide on the plumbing system you wish to use in your bathroom renovation. By selecting the right plumbing system for your toilet you can prevent wasting precious drinking water and dispose of your waste in a more environmentally friendly way.

Whether your toilet will be separate to the bathroom, or included in the room, you will need to choose a unit that suits the style of your renovations. Antique inspired toilets are available to suit period or historical bathroom renovations, as well as high tech, digitally designed toilets to fit seamlessly in modern bathrooms.

If anyone in your home has special needs or is physically challenged in anyway, you will need to design the whole space to serve their needs. To help with this you can choose a toilet with a raised seat to make sitting down on the toilet much easier for anyone with stiff knees or limited mobility.

If you are completing your bathroom renovation on a tight budget, then a standard design toilet may be the best choice for you. These standard designs are typically very plain and simple, but do the job well, and can work with most décor choices.

Do you want your new kitchen to be a warm and inviting heart to your home? The best design for comfort in Mt Eliza and Mornington houses is a farmhouse inspired style, with down to earth aesthetic and simple materials in an open setting. You can get a farmhouse look in your kitchen simply by using a restrained approach to bright colours and polished surfaces, opting instead for the warmth of wood and dull natural stone.

Farmhouse styles are perfect for cooks who like to get messy while creating delicious dishes. With expansive work surfaces ideal for rolling pastry on and large stove tops just waiting for bubbling pots of soup, farmhouse kitchen designs Mt Eliza are all about being comfortable while cooking. Farmhouse styles also value getting back to nature, making warm and sparkling natural light a must. Consider installing a skylight in your new space to bathe your space in natural light daily.

An essential component of farmhouse kitchen designs Mornington is the large, rustic wooden farm table. These tables can double as both dining spaces and work surfaces, as well as providing the true centre of a home. These large tables are perfect for families, as they can easily accommodate a child or two sitting at one end doing their homework, with a parent preparing dinner at the other. Include a rustic pine table in your plan to make your house more homely and welcoming.

When creating a farmhouse kitchen design for your Mt Eliza or Mornington house, use as many opportunities as possible to embrace the old by re-using materials. Consider salvaged hardware for cabinets, second hand pots and pans made out of copper and cast-iron and vintage appliances. This is not only stylish but can also be more environmentally friendly.

Are you passing the time during a your kitchen renovation for your Balwyn or Kew house fantasising about all the fabulous parties you'll hold when its done? This space almost always becomes the centre for house parties, with people hanging around nibbling on food, chatting and pouring drinks. So it makes sense to design a space that makes entertaining easy and encourages people to feel comfortable in your home.

One of the best ways to guarantee a successful party is to hold it in beautiful surroundings. Having a stunning setting for a party instantly sets your guests at ease and puts everyone in a good mood. It is important, therefore, that you create kitchen designs Balwyn that are aesthetically pleasing, with comfortable dimensions and polished finishes. For a sophisticated look, consider laying glossy hardwood floors or tessellated tiles, as beautiful flooring can really lift a room.

When creating kitchen designs Kew for entertaining, consider what kind of parties you usually throw and how you want to use your space. If your parties usually get a bit wild you might want sturdy cabinets and storage items to keep the more fragile dishes and glassware safely locked away.

If, on the other hand, you like to serve up multiple courses of food and drinks while entertaining, you might want to create an open plan space, to get guests in there helping you prepare. Another good idea for party-minded interiors in Balwyn and Kew is to include seating in the kitchen. This ensures that people are not left awkwardly standing around but are comfortable at all times.

With en-suites becoming more popular, the main bathroom of a house is often used by children alone, so it makes sense to make this room as child friendly as possible. If you are renovating your Glen Iris or Camberwell home, or building a new house in the area, you should consider designing a room to suit your children's bathing needs.

When planning bathroom designs for children in Glen Iris and Camberwell, the most important considerations should be safety and size. You should also help your children learn good habits by introducing storage that keeps the space tidy and clutter free. You can even ask your children for help when planning the new room, letting them have as much input as possible.

By using your child's tastes guide the bathroom design Glen Iris, they will have a closer connection to the space and may even be keener to brush their teeth twice a day and splash about in their daily bath! The layout of the room also needs to be accessible to kids of different ages. Children grow up quickly and the kiddy sized vanity you install today might not be so perfect a few years on. You need, however, to achieve a balance in the dimensions, to create a room that is easy and fun for your child to use.

It is also important to find a balance between a mature, polished style and a fun and childish one for your bathroom design Camberwell. This might mean using lots of bright colours, but avoiding the cartoon characters. Or you could use whimsical underwater motifs on tiles, curtains and painted surfaces that are likely to appeal to any age.

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful period home, then you will want to maintain the integrity of the house when putting in alterations. Renovating an old house lets you live in atmospheric style, while still enjoying the benefits of modern technology and contemporary engineering.

If you are planning new bathroom designs Blackburn, then you will want your new bathroom to blend in easily with the rest of your architecture and interior style. Vintage interior styles are perhaps best known for an exuberant use of colours such as petal pink, grass green and eggshell blue. While large pink tiles and lurid green fixtures might not suit your bathroom designs Canterbury tastes, you might be surprised at the striking effect small amounts of vintage candy tones spread throughout a room can have.

While you are creating vintage bathroom designs Mont Albert, remember to take advantage of modern opportunities for storage and luxury. You may be able to make your space bigger by knocking out a wall, or you could consider including custom made cabinets to hold all your stuff cleverly. Take the opportunity to use water saving shower heads and other environmentally conscious plumbing fixtures in your interior designs in Blackburn, Canterbury or Mont Albert. After all, there is no use in having all style and no substance!

Creating a vintage interior decorating plan for your Blackburn, Canterbury or Mont Albert house can also be a great way to let your personality, and personal style, shine through. Bathrooms are distinctly personal spaces, and are perhaps the only room besides the bedroom where you can be truly indulgent with your decorating choices

Is it time to update your Mt Eliza or Mornington house with a modern bathroom design? Washing in a room that seems centuries old every morning and night can quickly become depressing as you feel enclosed in dark and dingy enclosed space. Modern bathroom designs Mt Eliza typically feature lots of light combined with luxurious finishes and an interesting use of space.

So how do you create bathroom designs Mornington those are quintessentially modern? Some major components are crisp tiles and clean lines, but overall, modern rooms can be identified by their beautiful aesthetic and the striking first impression you get when you walk into the room. Modern interiors are outstanding for their commitment to comfort and splendour. You can create a modern effect in your house by using luxurious materials that give warmth and personality to the room.

Modern interiors for Mt Eliza and Mornington also embrace the past by taking all the best features from older styles, such as ornate fittings, copper tones and hard wood finishes, and combining them with a contemporary aesthetic that values light and space. Bathrooms that mix modern with vintage can be a great solution if you own a period home and want to complement the architecture in a new style.

When planning a renovation to your Mt Eliza or Mornington house, you may decide that it is worth adding more space, to make a room that is personal and comfortable. More space means that you can add more luxury features such as a spacious shower with multiple jets or double vanities and sinks.

When you are renovating your Mt Eliza or Mornington kitchen you might consider converting your formally separated dining room and kitchen into an open plan cooking and eating space. This can make a house more comfortable and easier to live in. Creating an open dining space, however, involves finding a cohesive style that will suit both the utilitarian purpose of a kitchen, and the semi-formality of a dining room.

Many dining rooms and kitchens Mt Eliza retain an antique formal style, complete with polished wooden surfaces and subdued cream tones. This formality needs to be livened and brightened up to suit a contemporary open plan style. You can do this by including a bright abstract rug underneath the dining table, an interesting lighting fixture in an industrial or organic style and a fresh colour scheme used throughout the dining room.

There is no need to give up formal dining in open plan kitchens Mornington, however. A large polished wooden table close by to the work surfaces is accessible, comfortable and stylish. Best of all, it can easily be dressed up for a formal dinner party, while still offering the convenience of close proximity to the cooking area.

To create a cohesive decorating style for the kitchen and dining room in your Mt Eliza or Mornington house, formulate a colour scheme to use through the whole space. By keeping your cabinets and work surfaces a neutral white, beige or dark grey, you can paint your walls a rich colour that makes the dining room feel festive while not overwhelming the kitchen.

Does your apartment in the heart of Melbourne need an uplifting touch to bring it back to life? A kitchen renovation can be a great way to make your space more practical and feel more like a home, but it isn't always easy to fit in all the features you want in a small apartment space. We have collected some of our best tips to help you design your dream space in the sky.

  • Classic or Modern?
    While you might be yearning after all the last technological advancements features for your space, it is always a good idea to find a harmony between the architectural style of your Melbourne apartment and the modern nature of your new kitchen renovation. This means using the newest appliances along with classic materials such as natural stone and treated hard wood.

  • Keep it Clean
    Because many apartments feature combined living areas as a necessary space saving measure, it can be a clever design move to keep everything looking as clean and understated as possible. High, bar-type counters that provide a the dual function of hiding the preparation area are often an advantageous feature in apartment spaces.

  • Studio Apartments
    In studio apartments, where the dining area, living space and bedroom are combined in one open space, it is even more important to keep the food preparation area compact and sleek. You can do this by using materials such as natural stone cut in seamless slabs, moulded stainless steel sinks and glossy white back splash tiles to keep the space easy to clean and constantly presentable.

Kitchen renovations can cost a lot of money to get exactly right, so the last thing you want to find after completing your home improvement project is that the style you chose is now horribly out of fashion, or the materials you used aren't strong enough to cope with near-constant use. When planning a home improvement project it is always a good idea to think ahead and plan for the future, by looking for the most durable materials and a decorating style you will never get tired of.

Designing timeless kitchen renovations involves using classic materials and a traditional colour scheme to ensure that the finished product will be appreciated by every visitor and user of the space, no matter what the current fashion is. If the idea of classic kitchen renovations seems too dull to you, you might consider using a neutral base colour scheme that can be built upon with bold coloured accessories and low cost additions.

You should also consider how your lifestyle might change over the years as you plan your space design. A growing family requires more space in the kitchen than a busy working couple, and you never know when the urge to entertain will strike you in years ahead. If you have the space, it is easy to design a kitchen renovation that will grow and adapt as your needs change.

If are determined to follow a certain style, such as country, farm or ultra modern, in your interior design, you should carefully assess whether such a style suits your house, lifestyle and cooking habits. If you are sure the style works for you, you can design your kitchen renovations with the confidence that your finished space will last a lifetime.

Are you going all out on a new design for your Blackburn, Canterbury or Mont Albert house? Designing luxurious bathrooms with a limitless budget can make for hours of fascinating fun, but unfortunately the results are a bit impractical for most of us. Putting some luxury into your bathroom is definitely worth the effort and the extra cost; have you ever noticed how much more refreshed you feel after taking a shower in a really lovely space?

It is important, however, to reach a balance between sumptuous fixtures and sleek finishes and your demanding budget, particularly if you want the rest of your house to be just as comfortable. Although this may seem a difficult task, there are ways to mix splendour with thriftiness in bathrooms Blackburn.

Quality materials not only give a luxurious feel but also offer the best properties for hygiene and will last much longer than cheaper materials. It is worth investing in quality natural materials such as granite, marble and teak for bathrooms Canterbury. Even if you spend the greater part of your budget on luxury materials, you may save money in the end as your fixtures and finishes will not need to be repaired or replaced.

Lighting is another important factor in building luxurious bathrooms Mont Albert. If your space is dingy, you won't even be able to see your luxurious features. More importantly, the most fabulous soft lighting is very flattering to naked skin, making every visit to the bathroom in your Blackburn, Canterbury or Mont Albert house an enjoyable experience.

Are you thinking of starting a new en-suite bathroom renovation Glen Iris? En-suites can make fantastic luxury bathroom additions, giving you and your partner supreme privacy and convenience. An en-suite is a distinctly personal space, so with this house addition you have the freedom to build exactly what you want.

When designing an en-suite renovation for your Glen Iris or Camberwell house, you should consider you and your partner's bathing habits and how you like to share space; is a luxuriously sized bathtub a necessity? Or a large shower with a second shower rose? Would you make use of two sinks side by side? By asking these questions you can reach an en-suite design that both you and your partner will enjoy.

Next, you need to decide on an overall style that will complement the architecture of your Glen Iris or Camberwell house and that will suit your lifestyle. Sometimes a compromise will have to be made to find the most convenient en-suite design. You might, for example, feel that an ornate and highly decorative style suits your period home but at the same time be unwilling to clean and dust as regularly as such a style requires.

Once you have made such basic decisions regarding your bathroom renovation Camberwell, you can move onto more interesting choices, such as lighting, finishes and bathroom hardware. Be sure to do your research when looking into en-suite choices, as there are dozens and dozens of options out there, even for the smallest features such as taps and towel racks.

​​The ancient art of feng shui is one that is consistently working its way into the lives and homes of people all over the world. If you have been looking for ways to encourage harmony in your home, you might be interested in the following feng shui tips for organizing bathrooms in Melbourne. Use as many of them as you like; do you notice a difference?

  • If you can, try to place your bathroom near the back of the best. It is believed that you should organise your home so that it represents a model of the human body; waste is, therefore, disposes out the back.
  • Avoid locating the entrance to bathrooms in Melbourne directly opposite the front door. This will prevent problems in the movement and flow of the energy in your home arising.
  • Place the mirror on a wall that does not face the door or the window. This will avoid a direct flow of energy, which could be negative, from flowing through the space.
  • For similar reasons, you should make sure that any windows are not located directly opposite the door, or behind the toilet, bathtub or the sink.
  • Try to keep your bathroom and your bedrooms separate. If you have an ensuite, for example, try to keep the door separating the two closed as often as you can.

Incorporating feng shui into bathrooms in Melbourne does not have to take over the entire plan for your space. Simply by considering the placement of all the various elements in your bathroom, you will go a long way towards encouraging the flow of positive energy and discouraging the formation of bad ones.

Feng shui, the ancient art that originates from China, can be used in every area of your life, from your home to your office. And, as food is such an important part of the Chinese culture, you can bet that there are plenty of feng shui tips for you to use in kitchens in Melbourne. Whilst not all of these tips will be possible in your kitchen, use as many as you can to encourage the space to be really harmonious.

  • If you can, avoid locating the entrance to your kitchen in Melbourne directly opposite the front door. This will protect the space from any incoming negative energy.
  • Ensure that your stove is positioned in a way that does not put your back directly to the door whilst cooking. This creates a feeling of vulnerability (your back is known as your ‘tortoise side’) and causes tension.
  • Separate the fire and water elements of kitchens in Melbourne by placing the sink and dishwasher on one side and the stove on the other. Place an island bench or plants in between them to further this separation.
  • Keep your knives hidden or stored out of sight. At the very least, you should do this with the knife blades (in a knife block, for example).
  • Avoid using chrome or grey coloured materials for kitchens in Melbourne, as they are cold and represent a metal energy. Opt instead for materials that represent wooden or earth energies.

The use of feng shui in kitchens in Melbourne does not have to mean a complete overhaul of the space. By thinking about the placement of the various elements of your kitchen, you can ensure that it promotes the right energies whilst keeping out the bad ones.

​Over time, it's likely that the cabinets installed around your kitchen in Melbourne have become stained, scratched and otherwise damaged. After all, this room is a haven for sharp implements and little knocks, as there are often a few people moving around in the space all at once. So, how can you freshen up your cabinets a little?

  • Give them a thorough clean using soap and warm water. Dip an old washcloth into the solution and use it to wipe away all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated.
  • Paint the cabinets, either in the same colour that they are currently painted in or a fresh one. This can help you to effectively cover up damage that cannot be removed.
  • Replace the doors and drawers if the bodies of the cabinets are still in good condition. This can give the whole kitchen a brand new look, especially if you opt for something more modern.
  • Replace the hardware of the cabinets. New hinges, knobs, handles and the like can really make a difference and possibly draw attention away from stained or damaged areas.

If you are renovating a kitchen in Melbourne but have decided to keep the original cabinets (to save some money or because you like them) you might also find the above tips useful in bringing them up to date. Once finished, your cabinets will look as good as new and you won’t have had to take out a second mortgage to achieve the look, either.

Taking the plunge into a new kitchen renovation for your Canterbury or Mont Albert house can be a very exciting time, but also a bewildering one as you are faced with seemingly endless decisions. So how do you plan the whole process to ensure that the end result is an impressive space that is exactly suited to your needs?

The first step to planning your kitchen renovations Canterbury is to do plenty of research! This is the only way that you can be sure of finding the best solution for your space and your personal requirements. Check out interior design magazines and blogs, appliance guides and inspirational look-books.

After you have gotten a good feel for interior design trends and clever space solutions you can set your budget for your kitchen renovations Mont Albert. It is important to be realistic when determining exactly how much you should spend on each aspect of the construction and to also set aside some money so you are ready if some unexpected costs pop up.

Next you can start making some rough sketches of your dream kitchen renovations for your Canterbury or Mont Albert house. Don't worry too much about scaling or taking exact measurements, as your contractor will help refine your plans to reach the best possible design. When making these layout sketches, don't settle for the first design you come up with. Instead you should make a few different sketches, and imagine how you will use each one.

When developing your renovation plans you should consider the overall style you want for your future kitchen. This should be based on your lifestyle and cooking habits. Whether you usually cook quick meals after work or if you like to host formal dinner parties with gourmet menus, your space should be designed to be as comfortable as possible for these purposes.

Do you need a kitchen update to your Balwyn or Kew house to accommodate your growing family? Well designed spaces can give a house a focus point, even when there are parents, babies and teenagers living together, everyone will be drawn to this space as the centre of the house.

Kitchen renovations Balwyn are a great opportunity to update your old appliances, allowing you to switch to new models that make cooking meals for a large family much easier. The day is always more full with young children so you'll want appliances, such as the oven and stove top, that make cooking more efficient and fast. You should also plan the layout of your space to minimise the amount of walking around you need to do.

To introduce warmth and personality in your family kitchen renovations Kew, include comfortable furniture and furnishings that the whole family loves. Consider using a bright rug on the floor and pin up plenty of your children's artwork. You should aim to design a truly personal and expressive space, where every member of the family feels at home.

Every family kitchen renovation in Balwyn and Kew needs to allow for a place for everyone to gather around for meals, whether its just breakfast or the evening meal. Whether this means a formal and traditional dining room with a glossy hardwood dining table, a rustic picnic bench style set up with plenty of cushions or a comfortable nook tucked close to the bench, designing your dining space depends on how you want to live day to day.

Are you getting a kitchen renovation done to your Mt Eliza or Mornington home? It can be very exciting looking forward to your sparkling new space, but living through the construction period can be a bit tough. Most of us will need to maintain as much normalcy as possible throughout the process, making some survival measures necessary.

Protect the Rest of your House
Try to seal off the construction space as much as possible to ensure that dust and debris from the build do not spread throughout the house. By sectioning off your house you can live normally through your kitchen renovations Mt Eliza – just without an oven.

Focus on Decoration
While your builders will endeavour to complete the kitchen as promptly as possible, the annoyance of living in a construction site will probably last just beyond your liking. To keep your mind off it, use your time wisely and do your decoration research and sourcing, ensuring that you can get your kitchen perfect as quickly as possible.

Temporary Measures
Before work starts on your kitchen renovations Mornington, set up a temporary food space in your home office or living room. Include your microwave, kettle, toaster and electric fry pan or sandwich grill to make it easier to cook and eat healthily during construction. If you're really organised you can even prepare some frozen meals in advance!

Communicate with your Builder
Your builder should be eager to help you through the construction process. Don't be left in the dark about what's happening to your Mt Eliza or Mornington house – schedule regular meetings or ask for daily updates on the progress of the build. Having an active input into your renovation will make the time go faster and ensure that you are pleased with the result.

Whether you prefer a subdued style for your Malvern or Ashburton kitchen design or a bright and boisterous one, there are some tips that apply to each and every space plan.

Unusual Elements: For kitchen designs Malvern, there is no need to feel restricted by the furnishings that are commonly used in this room. Items such as table lamps, soft rugs and mirrors can be brought in from other parts of the house to add life to the kitchen decoration.

A Place to Sit: Including a place to sit in your space plan can transform your space from cold and utilitarian to warm and inviting. Seating can be as simple as a set of bar stools standing at the counter or as elaborate as a cosy dining nook tucked in close to the food preparation space.

Clever Storage: Storage should be one of your first considerations in kitchen designsAshburton. Think about basic storage such as glass jars for dry goods, as well as more comprehensive solutions such as suspended hooks for pots and pans and a cleverly planned pantry space.

Efficient Layout: The layout of your Malvern or Ashburton space should be based around what's called in the construction industry as the “golden triangle,” where the fridge, sink and oven/stove form the three sides of a triangle and are at no more than three metres distance apart. Planning in this way will ensure that the amount of walking around you needs to do while cooking is minimised.

What would you do without your bathroom in Ashburton? You would have nowhere to brush your teeth or do your hair, nowhere to shave or apply makeup, and nowhere to bathe or clean your kids up. This is what makes your bathroom design in Ashburton so important, so if you don’t think that your space is quite up to par then perhaps a renovation is the solution you have been looking for.

When it comes to bathroom design in Ashburton, you cannot go past the expertise and skills provided by Master Renovators. Regardless of whether you are in need of a space that is child friendly or one that provides the ultimate in luxury and sophistication, we have the knowledge that you need to bring these ideas and dreams to life.

Once your plan has been finalized, we at Master Renovators will be ready to undertake work on your bathroom renovation in Ashburton. We understand that you will need access to your bathroom in Ashburton as soon as humanly possible, which is why we are committed to completing the project within the timeline agreed upon at the beginning.

If your bathroom in Ashburton looks like it hasn’t been touched since the ‘60s, we encourage you to contact us today to discover what the Master Renovators team can do for you. Our designs and bathroom renovations in Ashburton are second to none, which is why we are proud to provide our services to clients across Melbourne and ensure a stress-free experience.

Now more than ever, kitchens in Blackburn have become the central focus of the home. This is where we get ready for the day, either preparing the kid’s lunches or making our own, and where we catch up on the days events over a home cooked meal. If you have been thinking about undertaking a kitchen renovation in Blackburn or even coming up with a new design for the space, Master Renovators has got you covered.

We are able to provide you with a unique layout solution to ensure that your kitchen design in Blackburn meets the needs of your home and your family perfectly. If you have always thought that your kitchen in Blackburn would benefit from a rustic country or even a Mediterranean themed makeover, we are able to help you achieve this effortlessly.

At Master Renovators, we understand that kitchen renovations in Blackburn are often the most stressful works that you will ever undertake. This is why our team is committed to providing our clients with everything they need to ensure that their renovation runs as smoothly as possible; we provide everything from the plans to the construction and installation.

Have you been wishing that you could go to bed one night and get up the next morning to discover that your kitchen in Blackburn has undergone a complete makeover? With the help of Master Renovators, we can make your upcoming renovation or kitchen design in Melbourne feel as if it occurred overnight, lessening the stress for you!

Was your old Malvern or Ashburton kitchen horribly disorganised, making it difficult to find important ingredients when you needed them most? In your new renovation you might want to include some measures to improve organisation, making daily cooking a faster and more enjoyable process.

Drawer Organisers: Organisers are regularly used in cutlery drawers to separate knives, forks and spoons, but in your kitchen renovations Malvern, you might consider using organisers in your other drawers as well. You can use modular and interlocking styles to maintain flexibility while organising large utensils, measuring instruments, plastic containers or even pots and pans.

Rethink Spice Storage: The traditional spice rack doesn't suit everyone, especially those who are serious about their spicy food. When designing your kitchen renovationsAshburton you might want to include a customised solution for organising your spice collection, such as some wall mounted pigeon holes and containers stepped spice racks or compartmentalised drawers.

Invest in Storage Containers: While your new space is being built, you can shop around for storage containers to stock your Malvern or Ashburton home with. Having these containers at the ready once construction is complete will make it much easier to quickly get organised in your new kitchen. Buy many containers in a similar style to maintain a polished look.

Open Shelves: One idea you might want to include in your new space is open shelving. Open shelving increases visibility in your kitchen, making it easy to grab the jug, plate or bowl that you need at that moment. On the other hand, many people believe that open shelving make a space appear more disorganised and messy, preferring a logically organised system of cabinets.

When it comes to undertaking a kitchen renovation in Melbourne, most people understand that it is going to be a stressful experience. They just hold out on the knowledge that the finished product will be worth it. No matter how you’re looking at your upcoming renovation, the thing to keep in mind is that it’s going to be a big adjustment and you need to make sure you are prepared.

  • You’re going to be inconvenienced. All sorts of things can go wrong when redoing your kitchen, so be sure to budget a little extra cash and a little extra time to account for this.
  • Begin sorting your space about a week before the kitchen renovation starts. Give or throw away anything that you don’t use, then begin to pack everything else up into boxes for storage.
  • Move anything out of the kitchen that is not a permanent fixture. If you must leave furniture nearby, make sure that it has been covered with a drop cloth to protect it against dust.
  • Set up a temporary kitchen area somewhere else within your home. Set up the appliances that you use on a daily basis (like the microwave and the refrigerator).
  • Have some restaurant coupons and menus on hand for those times when you simply cannot bear to step foot in your temporary kitchen. You could also use this as an excuse to eat out more.

When undertaking a kitchen renovation in Melbourne, some people find it beneficial to leave a notepad or a whiteboard nearby so that they can leave notes for the contractors and vice versa. This is especially useful if there is the chance that you will miss each other during the day and you need to pass on messages or instructions

​It is important to understand that bathroom renovations in Melbourne involve much more than coming up with an idea and making it a reality. Homeowners should ask themselves a number of questions before coming to the final decision to undertake a renovation, as this will prepare them for the hard work ahead and ensure it is the right decision for them.

  • Do you know or have access to the right professionals?
    You cannot hire your best mate from high school just because he’s now a carpenter – you need to employ bathroom professionals who have experience with plumbing and are licensed to work in this area.
  • Do you have a plan in mind and an architect to draw it up? 
    There is no point undertaking a bathroom renovation if you have no idea what you want to achieve. Contact an architect and have them draw up the ideas that you have in your existing space.
  • Do you have a budget in mind?
    Unfortunately, going over budget is not all that uncommon in a renovation. You need to work out the absolute maximum that you can afford to spend, then a figure that you would like to spend.

Whilst some homeowners will also need to add in an additional question to the above list regarding their time frame, most are just happy to have bathroom renovations in Melbourne completed when they can. If you are working to a strict deadline, however, you may have to increase your budget a little to get a professional in to do the work.

In most cases, changing the countertops of kitchens in Melbourne really is a job for a professional because it requires a certain amount of know-how and strength. If you are completing a mini renovation or are a little handy with your tools, you might like to attempt removing the countertops yourself, getting the kitchen ready for the professionals to come in and do their stuff.

Step 1: You will need to begin by disconnecting the plumbing. Get underneath the sink and turn off the water valve (if it’s not there, you’ll have to turn off the main water supply to the house).

Step 2: Using adjustable pliers, you will need to disconnect the p-tap underneath the sink. Then, place a plastic pan beneath the sink and remove the p-tap by unscrewing it from the drain.

Step 3: Lay plastic sheets all over the floor and any other surfaces of your kitchen in Melbourne that you do not want to be covered by dust and debris. You can try taping the sheets down to ensure that they do not move.

Step 4: Take a crowbar and use it to pry the backsplash from the wall. You can then begin pulling up the countertops, using the crowbar to help you. If you have tiled countertops, using a chisel to pry up each individual tile.

Your kitchen in Melbourne should now be prepared for the new countertops to be installed. The professionals you have hired to do this for you should also be able to reconnect up all of your plumbing, otherwise you may need the assistance of a plumber to help you get all the faucets and pipes hooked up to the right spot.

When approaching a kitchen renovation, one of the first decisions that must be made is whether to choose custom built 'furniture,' which describes everything in the kitchen besides the appliances; from cabinets to bench tops, or a flat pack design. Custom built interior spaces are typically considered to be of a higher quality when compared to flat pack solutions, and offer various other benefits to satisfy the home owner.

If you have any special requirements for your kitchen renovations or have any specific wishes for your ideal space, then your best option is to go to a custom design kitchen renovations business to help you put these specifications in place. If you prefer, for example, higher than average benches and cabinets to suit your tall family, you may have a hard time finding the right solution at a flat pack store.

One of the greatest disadvantages of custom made home renovations is that they can cost significantly more than pre-fabricated fit outs. The higher price, however, is well worth the original design that expresses your personal style and practical features that conform to the way you use the space.

The greatest advantage of custom built kitchen renovations is the limitless range of choice you have regarding every aspect of your new space. This means that you can choose everything from each different material, finishes and colours, placement of components and general layout. While having this degree of choice can be overwhelming for those inexperienced with home improvements, it also ensures that the informed customer will not be left with a space that is inefficient or of low quality.

It wasn't long ago that islands were the hippest craze for kitchens in Glen Iris and Camberwell. Offering additional storage and useful work surfaces, islands can be a great addition to your space. On the other hand, islands also take up a lot of precious space and can be cumbersome and awkward.

So how do you feel about islands in kitchen renovations Glen Iris? You could include a sturdy, permanent island in your new space to create a station for preparing food, complete with handy hooks for tea towels and utensils and a stone top perfect for rolling pastry on. Alternatively you could leave the space free and use a portable island, set on caster wheels, for a more flexible option.

Islands for kitchen renovations Camberwell don't have to be big and clunky. If you are short on space but want a large work surface, you could include a table with integrated storage, such as shelves for pots and pans or trays for cutlery and utensils. You can also use the island to introduce some unexpected colour into the room. Kitchens don't have to be all work and no play with a pop of bright red in the island.

You can also customise your island to suit your personal taste and cooking habits, and to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your Glen Iris or Camberwell home. When you are planning a kitchen renovations remember that there is no need to stick to standard designs that have been formulated with a 'one size fits all' ethic.

Stainless steel appliances have been the standard choice for Glen Iris and Camberwell kitchen designs for quite a few years now, but if you are planning a new space you might be interested in looking at what else is available. Stainless steel appliances provide a glossy and polished feel to your kitchen, but are also notoriously hard to maintain.

Remember when white goods were actually all white? Well the look seems to be making something of a comeback in kitchen designs Glen Iris. Stove tops and ovens in chalky or creamy white have a more solid and down to earth look than sleek stainless steel appliances and are perfect for country style interiors, or wherever you want to build a homely appeal.

If you love a retro look, then enamelled and coloured appliances are the right choice for your kitchen designs Camberwell. Retro interiors use all sorts of bright and happy appliances, such as burnt orange ovens and powder blue fridges, to give the space more interest and style. There are plenty of modern appliances that have been inspired by a retro aesthetic, allowing you to enjoy modern technology with a vintage feel.

Choosing the right colour and finish for your appliances is an important decision because your fridge, oven, microwave, stove and dishwasher usually take up quite a large amount of wall space and can visually dominate rooms in Glen Iris and Camberwell homes. Unlike walls, however, your appliances cannot be easily painted over, unless you want to try out special chalkboard paint, so your choice is a permanent one.

​Orange isn't the most popular colour in traditional interior design schemes. It is often seen as too bright, brash, loud and disruptive to the home. Lately, however many designers and homeowners have been seizing on this much maligned colour to add warmth and energy to interior spaces, particularly modern dining rooms. There are various ways that you can make use of this lively colour in the home, whether in the form of subtle accessories, soft furnishings, wall or ceiling paint or even furniture.

  • Orange Dining Chairs
    Many people choose classic white dining chairs for their Melbourne kitchens, but these fragile pieces are easily ruined by a spilled spoonful of spicy Indian curry. For a more robust and interesting option, why not choose cheerful orange chairs? Your attractive dining chairs can be combined with orange tinted artwork for a fresh but subtle effect.
  • Orange Enamel Cookware
    Even the most simple and standard interior designs in Melbourne can be easily livened up with the addition of warm toned enamel kitchenware. Consider orange enamel saucepans, jugs and canisters to introduce a sunny vibe into your space. These pieces can be complemented with bright orange appliances such as toasters, kettles, blenders or mixers.
  • Orange Laminated Cabinets
    Of course, the idea of orange kitchens can recall memories of ghastly orange and brown interiors from Melbourne in the seventies, a decorating era that many would like to avoid revisiting. Orange doesn't have to be mud-toned and murky, however, as many designers are showing with glossy and bright laminated cabinets in zingy shades of orange.

How many times have you opened the medicine cabinet to have millions of tiny bottles of goo clatter out onto you? Bathrooms can be the most frustrating room in the house to find storage space for, as they are often filled with dozens of breakable jars and bottles which need to be searched through with fuzzy morning eyes. If you are planning to make changes to your house in Blackburn, Canterbury or Mont Albert, designing useful storage could be at the top of the list of design considerations.

One option for storage in bathroom renovations Blackburn is open shelving. While open shelves might be more of a dust target than closed cabinets, they let you see everything in a single glance and reduce the time you spend hunting at the back of the medicine cabinet. Open shelving in bathroom renovations Canterbury might even force you to keep your bottle collection a bit neater and less comprehensive!

If you don't think you have enough space for storage in your bathroom renovations Mont Albert, there's no need to worry because there are still plenty of storage options available to you. Professional cabinetry will always conserve space cleverly so you should look for opportunities to install custom made cabinets.

Additionally, you can use a row of hooks to hang items that you use daily, such as dressing gowns, towels and even bags of toiletries. Baskets can be helpful in a small space, too, whether on the floor or mounted to the wall. A simple basket on the vanity can act as a catch-all to clear the bench of clutter.

​Are you trying to decide between a fully customised kitchen renovation and a flat pack deal for your home improvement project? The speed and ease of a flat pack model can certainly be alluring, but you should remember that there are always some significant downsides to the easy option. 


  • Store bought kitchen renovations are inexpensive, making a full remodel possible without long periods of saving.
  • With some luck, the process of ordering and installing flat pack furniture should be much simpler than completing a more traditional custom design kitchen renovation.
  • With a flat pack service, you can see results in your home almost instantly. This is great if you need to alter your space before having guests over or don't have the patience to live through a months of disruption in your home.


  • Flat pack furniture and cabinetry is a strictly off the shelf deal, meaning that the pieces are designed to suit the majority of spaces and users. These packages do not allow for a wide range of choice and often use low quality materials to reduce the price.
  • Because flat pack kitchen renovations are designed to be installed by the user, you will miss out on the design and usability advice a professional carpenter can give you throughout your remodel. This lack of advice can be a problem as you might regret including specific components that can really improve the space.
  • Flat pack kitchen renovations can be a great choice if you are looking to save money immediately, but low quality carpentry and cheap facades can entail significant costs down the road as your new space fails to withstand constant use.

When looking for a professional to help with your kitchen remodelling project, it can be helpful to understand the difference between a salesperson, a trade’s person such as a plumber or carpenter and a certified designer. Each of these professionals have a specific purpose in planning and constructing a home improvement project, and it is important to consult the person that will offer you the most help at whatever stage you are.

While plenty of different professionals will be able to build the kitchen renovations in Melbourne you want, only a certified designer will be able to manage your project and ensure it is completed to the highest quality.

A certified interior designer can be of great assistance in the planning of your furniture and appliance layout and specific design of your space. This is because these professionals have undergone training in the safe, efficient and hygienic design of cooking and food preparation spaces. With the help of a certified designer you will be able to build a space that not only looks fantastic but also works efficiently to your needs. A new kitchen renovation is a significant investment in your home, so you probably want your results to be long lasting and easy to maintain. Your certified designer can help you in this endeavour by providing advice on areas you might only think of once things start going wrong. This can include making sure your kitchen renovation has adequate insulation and ventilation to make sure the space is comfortable and safe at all times.

Yes, you might think we are a bit silly for thinking so highly of interior renovations in Melbourne homes, but we really believe that a well designed space carries the significance of any other work of art, as well as having fantastic practical purposes. Many people define art as an original product, whether a painting, sculpture, performance or any design object, created by, and carrying the mark of, the artist.

The artist, in turn, is usually defined as someone who invests their work with craftsmanship, thought and meaning. So can this approach really be applied to kitchen renovations in Melbourne?

It definitely can, as long as the space is designed and built with the integrity of real joinery experts, who know the importance of a well constructed space that will act as the heart of the home.

By taking the artistic process as an inspiration, professional joiners can produce kitchens that are not only fully serviceable but also have a stunningly beautiful appearance.

This is often achieved by investing the space with high quality materials and by paying as close an attention to detail as possible.

Both historical restorations and modern designs are treated by joiners and carpenters as highly creative processes in which a beautiful interior space that will improve the character of the whole home is the end goal. Beauty and artistic integrity are important because we all know how an ugly, badly lit and inefficient space can but a blight on anyone's day and make a house feel like less of a home.

​A kitchen and bathroom renovation often brings with it several concerns that you won’t normally have to deal with in other sorts of projects. If you are looking to make these spaces much more functional and better suited to your needs, you could find the following to-do list extremely useful in making sure that you don’t forget anything and that the project goes off without a hitch.

Water Pressure
You should always check the water pressure of your home before starting a renovation project, as the pressure that you experience now may not be as strong once the project is finished. You should discuss the changes with your contractors to ensure that your pressure won’t be impacted.

Bring out all of the items and objects that you normally keep on your counter, as well as all of the pieces that you would like to keep there but don’t have the room to. This will provide you with a pretty good idea of how much space you will require in your room.

Conduct a thorough storage audit of your kitchen and bathroom so that you can determine whether you need more or not. Take a look at all of the things that you store in these rooms and decide what sort of storage you need to add to accommodate everything in the best possible way.

Take a moment to inspect your flooring and decide whether you want to keep it as is or whether you would like to replace it. Make sure that you keep the elements in mind, as both of these rooms are likely to be subject to a fair bit of water (the bathroom especially).

Turn on the lighting systems in both rooms to see whether any changes or improvements could be made. If the layout of the room is going to change, make sure that you consider how the lighting will be impacted, as you may find that you need a complete overhaul anyway.

​By utilising the above basic to-do list when undertaking a kitchen and bathroom renovation in your home, you can rest assured that you don’t forget any aspect and that the finished space meets your needs. You can even take the help of Kitchen design consultants in Melbourne for successful completion of your project. Forgetting even one area can have disastrous results, as each area in these rooms is extremely important to the success and functionality of the space.